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all rights reservedHMC (HMC Enterprise Co. Ltd.) is a company that is specialized in manufacturing in the People's Republic of China for more than a decade.

all rights reservedQuality: We pay extreme attention to the quality of all products supplied by HMC.     Quality is controlled and production monitored on the basis of strict criteria in our factories as well as our suppliers.  Every product has its own Quality Inspection Specifications (QIS) that are followed by our Quality Inspectors.     Due to the strict criteria set for production and quality control, our measuring tapes and folding rulers meet EEC accuracy standards and EEC accuracy approval no. UK99/2541, 2542, UK00/2555, and UK01/2604, 2607 have been granted. 

all rights reservedTradeshows: In order to have a closer contact with overseas customers; we attend several Trade Shows that include: HONG KONG GIFT FAIR, HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL TOYS & GIFTS SHOW / MEGA SHOW PART 1.  

all rights reservedPackaging: In our factories and warehouse, we supply a broad variety of packaging possibilities for your products that available according to your requirements: private labels, bar codes, hanging cards, gift boxes, special promotion packagings, skinpacking, blister packing, etc.


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